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Nova Caeli was inspired by a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual assault who encountered areas of need that went unmet. Poverty, illness, trauma, inadequate support systems, and a lack of shelter options for victims with pets delayed her escape. This led to years of prolonged abuse, including the tragic loss of her beloved dog.

She eventually fled, but was saddled with crippling medical debt, poor health, PTSD, depression and anxiety that kept
her impoverished. As a single woman with no dependents or diagnosed disability, government assistance was largely unavailable to her. Lack of transportation limited access to other resources. Local domestic violence programs focused mainly on safety, escape planning and emergency shelter. There were few resources available to her after her escape.

Nova Caeli’s mission is dedicated to post-escape recovery. Strong support systems, wellness and financial relief encourage
and enable survivors to leave abusive relationships permanently and thrive. Our programs serve to keep families and their
pets together, create quality of life and promote long-term, holistic health and economic empowerment so they can
Rebuild, Recover and Rise after domestic violence.

We look forward to working alongside our community of allies and advocates in helping to create happier,
healthier lives for survivors and their pets.

If you or someone you know is in need of services, contact us at 972-482-5494 or

Nova Caeli is 501(c)(3) non profit organization and gratefully accepts contributions which are tax-deductible.