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Survivors often face significant challenges after escaping domestic abuse. Poverty, disability and
trauma make rebuilding and recovery difficult. Leaving pets behind adds an additional layer of grief.
Nova Caeli is committed to keeping survivors and their pets together and helping them return to a
place of peace, wellness and independence as soon as possible.  

Please contact us at 972-482-5494 or to speak to a caring advocate for help. 
Donate here to support our programs.

Clothing, furniture and household items such as linens, dishes, cookware to assist in creating a functional, comfortable home for families beginning anew


Nourishing pet food and supplies to assist in keeping pets and their families together

Delivering delicious and nourishing food through
our mobile whole-food pantry.


Temporary housing options for survivors with disabilities, pets and other exceptional needs

Nova Caeli is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and gratefully accepts contributions which are tax-deductible.