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Survivors often face significant challenges after escaping domestic abuse. Poverty, illness and trauma make rebuilding and recovery difficult. Leaving pets behind adds an additional layer of grief. Nova Caeli is committed to helping families return to a place of peace, wellness and independence as soon as possible through the following programs. Please contact us at 972-482-5494 or to speak with a caring advocate about our services. 


Clothing, furniture and household items such as linens, dishes, cookware, small appliances, decor and other items  to assist in creating a functional, comfortable home for families beginning anew.  

Delicious and nourishing food through our whole-food pantry, trauma-informed yoga, guided meditation and other helpful practices that promote healing.


(Spring 2023) Counseling in financial management concepts such as credit and debt management, budgeting, spending plans, savings, banking and retirement options.  

(Spring 2023) Safe, temporary pet care for families transitioning to their new homes along with pet food and supplies during their stay and once they’ve reunited with their human families

Nova Cael1 is a (c)(3) non-profit organization and gratefully accepts contributions which are tax-deductible.